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Christianity is the largest monotheistic religion.  Worships Jesus Christ.  Follows the teaching of the Bible.  Its concept of Trinity (more reading) is unique among the monotheistic religions.  Has been cruelly persecuted and still is.  Has cruelly persecuted others and is still intolerant to many.  The Inquisition is Christianity's darkest side.  The Crusades are the eternal example for religious war.  The major groups in it are the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Evangelicals, and Progressive Christians. 

The principles of the Unitarian Universalists are especially appealing to me.  In fact, I subscribe to each of the seven principles without a speck of reservation.  It is easy to accept these principles because they are common to all human beings.  Once again I come to my refrain, Do we need a religious doctrine or specific institution to know and follow these principles?   

For about a year I visited the Unitarian Universalist congregation in Lewes, Delaware.  I remember these Sundays and the people I met with deep fondness.  Gatherings in Claudia's backyard to share favorite poetry, music, and laughs around a bonfire are especially memorable. 

"...the Christian cycle of pray-sin-repent-pray-sin-repent-pray-sin-repent.  ... nothing more than a moral cop-out ...  You sin; you are immediately forgiven; you go out and sin some more, armed with the understanding that you will be forgiven once again.  ...stupid, weak, and cheap.  Why was there this assumption that people were destined to sin, anyhow?" 

The last American man, Elizabeth Gilbert
In my view, the most resentful of the Christianity's beliefs is that of the original sin.  According it, we all are stained with moral deformity from conception.  There is nothing we can do to be free of tendency to sin.  The only way out of this eternal damnation is God's grace, i.e., accept and believe the biblical story that Jesus died for all of us... What a convincing, subtle, yet forceful, way has the Church found to scare people and make them religious.  Well, I and many others do not agree that God is the only path toward decent human being. 
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